Armi Millare’s Proposed Condo Unit (Esquisse)


The condo unit is where people somehow relax and calms their mind from all the stress they have in their works. And in this case, this condo unit layout is an esquisse in which specifications were given. Specifications include the location of windows and doors, and the location of the bathroom. Also, that the condo unit shall be for someone who is a celebrity. In this case, it is Armi Millare.

Armi Millare is the lead vocalist of the local band Up Dharma Down. This band has been around the Philippines for their tours and gigs. And I guess, relaxing her mind form all those travelling is in her list, too.

For me, the condo unit layout is nice already due to the fact tat it is an esquisse. However, I think. Some things should have been considered.

First is the location of the bed. It seems quite awkward to walk into a house and find their bed sitting there. Bed is a sacred place. So walking right into someone else’s bed is something not really advisable.

Though I must say that the layout of the kitchen is good already because there was this maximized space through the use of counter top as a dining table. But I think it is a lot better if the location of the bed and the kitchen area was interchanged because in that way, the bed is already hidden from too much exposure. Same as to the living room, it should be interchanged with the table and the closet so that it can appear more welcoming instead of very private.

And I think, the unit will somehow fit Armi Millare more if these will be the case for I do really assume that a bed near a window is the most relaxing thing.

Architecture 99

Most people would say that music is everywhere. Even in the absence of sound itself, there is music. Music that you will soon appreciate and value. Same as to architecture. Architecture is everywhere. True enough that it has been defined as frozen music and described as a public art-architecture is more than what it seems.

Architecture, often, is taken for granted. This is the sad reality of our lives. Most people doesn’t really care about what architecture is or what it does  to our society or what it imports even to the humanity. I have been thinking over and over again why is that that such things happen. And I have found one reason – lack of awareness.

Many of us people is not that aware of how important architecture is. We only know that architecture is a profession in which people can design skyscrapers and be awesome. well, yes, that is not one bad idea of what architecture is. However, architecture is actually a vast field of knowledge which includes psychological, social, spiritual and technical ideas. Even the most surreal of the most surreal ideas can be architecture. Architecture actually binds us all. We just don’t know how, OR we just don’t know it, YET.

That is why I’m here. Well, not really the main reason but one of the reasons. I want everyone to know how important each and every thing is in this world. in this case, I want you to appreciate and be aware of what architecture really is. Antoine de Saint-Exupery said that what is essential is invisible to eye. So, are you leaving out all the essentials?